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Kerries PMA Fitness

The Brief

Art Junction is an online art resource that offers a customisable art school experience to sculptors and artists of all standards. All our art and sculpture resources, whether online or at the studio, are designed to give our artistic community a flexible way to develop their style and practice.



Kerrie’s PMA Fitness provides a range of services such as:


Bespoke Personal Training Programmes designed to meet your individual needs.


80% is nutrition & PMA will work with you to get this right.


Training Plans that can be carried out at home in-between personal training sessions.

Why nutrition is important?

Do you ever think about why you eat? The simple answers are because you are hungry, tired and your stomach is rumbling. Sometimes you might also eat because you are bored, sad or happy, just because it’s lunchtime, or because that chocolate-cake, packet of crips and fizzy drink is quick, convenient and tickles your taste buds.

These are some of the emotional and physical reasons why you eat, but do you ever put much thought into why your body needs food?…Continue reading

Wellness Consultation

Full Health & Nutrition evaluation to help kick start your positive new lifestyle to achieve your goals. You will get a Weigh in, Body fat measurements, inch loss, nutrition evaluation, blood pressure check.

PMA Personal Training and Fitness uses Tinita scales that measures more than just your weight. Bio Impedance scales are able to look at water levels as well as some guidance to Body Fat measuring in your body. These figures are there to help with putting you in the right direction towards your health and fitness goals.

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